Preliminary considerations of the idle adjustment on the Ford Probe 24v.

  • The process shown here is valid for models equipped with OBD-diagnostic system I (see section check)
  • To proceed to adjust the idle, the engine must be at normal operating temperature.
  • It is assumed that there is no fault stored in the PCME, and all sensors and components are functioning properly.

Divide into two idle adjustment, "Adjusting the TPS" and "Setting air intake".

Adjusting the TPS.

For adjustment of the TPS (Throttle Position Sensor), we have the car key out. Located in the engine compartment, diagnostic connector (Image 1), and make a bridge between pins GND and TEN (Image 2 ).

Image 1Image 2

We will contact, without actually starting the engine (just a position before, when switched on witnesses of the dashboard). Locate the TPS sensor, and loosen the screws holding the sensor until it is free enough for us to move. (Image 3).

Image 3

Observe that as we move the sensor in one direction, there comes a point where activates the radiator fans. We leave the TPS sensor at a point close to the location where the fans are activated (but remain off).

Tighten the screws on the TPS to set it.

Adjusting the air intake at idle.

Maintain bridges the diagnostic connector, and start the engine.

Observe that the idle is very unstable, so we will wait to stabilize a little, and proceed to adjust with the screw located on the box of intake(Image 4).

Image 4

Adjust the idle stays at about 500 rpm (between the two stripes of the image 5 ), since in this way, normal operation is still at 700 rpm to shown in the image.

Image 5

When holding steady on 500 rpm, turn off engine, remove the key contact, and withdraw the diagnostic connector bridge.

Proceed to reset the PCME, disconnecting the negative terminal of the battery (Image 6), and maintaining foot on the brake pedal for 30 seconds. Later reconnect the negative terminal.

Image 6


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