Although the modification described below have been several owners of Ford Probe and Mazda 6 and attached the original link, the author of this website is not responsible problems that may arise during the assembly process. Well informed is recommended before to make the change.

One of the improvements to the Ford Probe 24v is its braking capacity, not falls short of the overall performance of the car, as can be seen in the following table, which compares with cars of similar category and performance contemporary to the Ford Probe 24v.

Diameter front rotors Diameter rear rotors Braking distance (140 km/h - 0 km/h)
Ford Probe v6 258 mm 258 mm 81,9 m
Opel Calibra v6 284 mm 270 mm 77,5 m
Honda Prelude 282 mm 260 mm ---- m
Mitsubishi Eclipse GS 16v (1993) 264 mm 263 mm ---- m
Toyota Celica 2.0 GT 275 mm 269 mm 75,7 m
Fiat Coupe 16v 284 mm 240 mm 74,2 m
Rover 220 Coupe 260 mm 239 mm ---- m
BMW 325 286 mm 280 mm 79,0 m
Alfa Romeo GTV 2.0 T.S. 257 mm 240 mm ---- m

To address this deficit, we can find on the market several brake kits with or without calipers, which make the stopping power and resistance to fadding improve considerably. The disadvantage of these kits is in the price, and parts such as may be the brake pads, to be specific kits.

RR-Racing 12"RR-Racing 13"
Revolution Brake LLCRight Coast Imports

One solution, intermediate in performance between the specific brake kits and original brakes, is the placement of brake calipers (together with its mounting braket) and front rotors of the Mazda 6.
Install the Mazda 6 front brakes on Ford Probe 24v needs no pre-adaptation, need only disassemble originals rotors, brake calipers and mounting braket, and install Mazda 6 rotors, brake calipers and mounting braket.

Rotor pictures of Mazda 6 (not Mazdaspeed), by funzie

Adjusting the rotors, brake calipers and mounting braket of model Mazda 6 the years 2002 to 2005 and 2005 - Present. (for the Mazdaspeed brakes are necessary wheels 17 ").

Example (Oscaro): Mazda 6 Berlina (GG1) 2.0 i 141 cv (02/02 - 02/05)

- Front rotors (283 mm) : Bosch 0 986 479 132
- Brake pads : FERODO FDB1619
- Brake caliper right : BUDWEG CALIPER 343497
- Barke caliper left : BUDWEG CALIPER 343496
- Mounting braket right : Original Mazda GJ6E-33-28XC
- Mounting braket left : Original Mazda GJ6E-33-29XC


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