Engine hood insulator

Command windows driver


Piston rings (brand NPR)

Distributor coil (model 1993)

Water pump and gasket (brand GMB)

Spark Plug (NGK brand)

Spark plug wires (NGK brand)

Throttle Body

Set of head bolts (brand AJUSA)

PCM (year 1993)

Clutch slave cylinder (brand EQUAL)

Clutch master cylinder (brand EQUAL)

Main Rod Bearings Washer KL (Brand ACL)

Exhaust Manifolds - OBX Racing Sports

Air conditioning compressor (year 1993)

Solenoid valve connectors VRIS system

Set accessory belts and distribution (Brand GATES)

Radiator Expansion Tank

Distributor (year 1993)

Clutch Kit (brand EXEDY)

Air filter (FRAM brand)

Fuel filter (brand FRAM)

Oil Filter (FRAM brand)

RR-Racing Oversized front brake kit + Ferodo Brake Pads + BREMBO Rear Discs + GOODRIDGE Metal Hoses

Valve Guides (brand Rock Products)

HLA (brand TopLine)

Complete gasket set (Brand Ajusa)

Throttle Body gasket

Rocker cover bolts Boards

Intake manifolds gaskets

Seals brake fluid tank

Rocker covers gaskets

Distribution Kit

Lower radiator tube

Pistons set (brand NPR)

MAF sensor

TPS (model 1993)

TPS (model 1995)

Coolant Temperature Sensor

Set temperature sensors (model 1993)

Rear engine mount A6446 (brand DEA)

Front Engine mount A6457 (brand DEA)

Right front engine mount A6460 (brand DEA)

Transmission mount A6462 (brand DEA)

Lower central transmission mount A6445 (brand DEA)

Instrument panel (model 1993)

EGR valve

Solenoid valve fuel pressure and system VRIS

Valve PCV oil mist

Solenoid valve fuel pressure and system VRIS

Intake and exhaust valves (brand TopLine)